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Should You Work with An Attorney on Your Construction Contracts?

Working in construction, you know that effective, binding contracts are a keystone for your business. Contracts with clients, suppliers, architects, engineers and subcontractors are all important. They make it easier to establish everybody’s obligations and expectations — and give you some recourse when there’s a dispute.

In the past, some people felt verbal contract s were enough, and they’d shake hands and go on with a project. Today, life just isn’t like that. It’s essential to have a contract for any kind of building project so that you can avoid future litigation

What Can an Attorney Do to Help Your Construction Business?

An attorney can often provide insights into situations that can help you anticipate potential problems and mitigate your risks. They can also:

  • Draft contracts on your behalf
  • Review documents, such as third-party contracts, for validity
  • Prepare construction agreements
  • Advise you throughout a bid process for a job

It’s a good idea to have your attorney review your contracts so that you can focus on the job ahead of you rather than wondering if that contract will hold in court if you have to have it enforced. 

It’s important to note that contracts aren’t just meant to be used for enforcement. A truly effective contract anticipates where conflicts may arise and works to eliminate legal conflicts before they get started. Construction disputes can be minimized with the proper contract, as long as it addresses such topics as:

  • Stop notices
  • Prompt payment
  • The scope of the work
  • Extra work and change orders
  • Surety bonds

Whether your company is relatively new or has been around for a while, it’s wise to have an experienced advocate examine your contracts and help you with any future negotiations. Please continue reviewing our website to learn more on this topic and about our services.