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The real estate attorneys at Lerner & Weiss APC provide you with an array of legal services concerning the acquisition and disposition of all types of real property located throughout California.

Our Los Angeles real estate lawyers draw upon their of extensive, varied, and collective experience vigorously representing a multitude of interests in both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

We have a track record of success and many satisfied clients have benefited from our knowledge of real estate law. And so will you. Not only do we make sure all transactions comply with state and federal laws, but we also do our best to mitigate any potential risks that could result in future litigation.

We also possess the trial experience you need from a real estate attorney and will proudly pursue or defend your case in court.

Los Angeles’s Premier Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Investing in commercial real estate involves a variety of legal considerations. Our Los Angeles real estate lawyers can guide you through:

  • Land use requirements and regulations
  • Compliance with zoning laws
  • Environmental rules and regulations
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Environmental Assessments (EA)
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes

While a well-prepared commercial lease diminishes the likelihood of landlord/tenant disputes, it does not guarantee that no legal claim will ever arise. When such does arise, it is in your best interest to retain an experienced commercial property litigator from Lerner & Weiss. Getting legal advice immediately may reduce your time and expense by eliminating the need to pursue litigation. Litigation regarding a commercial lease is often complex and disruptive to a party’s business operations.

With years of experience in commercial landlord/tenant law, Lerner & Weiss understands just how important it is that you have knowledgeable guidance and representation. Having the right attorney by your side to assess your options, represent your interests and effectively guide your case can through this process make the difference between a positive outcome that allows our business to thrive and a negative result that leads to the lost time and money.

Commercial Unlawful Detainer Proceedings

Unlawful detainer actions (commercial property evictions) provide expedited relief for commercial landlords seeking to evict a tenant. Our lawyers provide clients with efficient and effective representation in preparation for and throughout the duration of commercial property unlawful detainer actions, no matter the size of the client or the amounts involved. Lerner & Weiss manages the Unlawful Detainer proceedings from start to finish and quickly return possession of the property to the landlord so that once again becomes a profitable asset. We will then also handle the claim for the recovery of any unpaid rental obligations.

Our unlawful detainer practice involves commercial property. We do not accept matters involving residential property.

Construction Contract Disputes

Contracts are the cornerstone of every construction project. Most projects require parties to enter into multiple construction contracts involving many different subcontractors providing different services and products in order for the project to be completed. The failure of one entity in the chain of service or goods providers can throw off the entire project, taking it from profitable to in the red.

Although there is almost no end to the types of contract disputes that may arise including delay, change orders, scope of work, and defective work. Lerner & Weiss has the background and experience to handle these issues.

Payment Disputes

Payment to contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers is vital in order to keep the project alive. These include, mechanic’s liens, surety bonds, stop notices, prompt payment and liability for wage theft.

Whatever the nature is of your contract dispute or payment issue, contact our construction law attorneys at Lerner & Weiss APC for assistance. We are skilled at negotiations, which encompasses a large part of this area of the law. We strive to prevent any work stoppage that will disrupt the completion date of the project. We recognize the need for deadlines to be kept and for minimization of any loss. Our construction attorneys will fight diligently to protect your rights.

If you have a question or legal issue and need to speak with an experienced real estate lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Call us or fill out our online contact form.