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At Lerner & Weiss APC in Los Angeles, our experienced team of business law attorneys offers over 60 years of combined expertise. Our expertise covers all areas of business law, from the initial formation to the final dissolution. We serve clients in Los Angeles, including those in Woodland Hills, Ventura County, and Santa Ana County. With our extensive experience in business law, we’re equipped to handle various specific needs, providing personalized legal support for your business.

A few of the specific areas for which we can assist you include but are not limited to the following:

Operations, Litigation, And Partnership Disputes

Contracts: Businesses, no matter how small or large, run on contracts. You will have leasing contracts, supply contracts, employment contracts, and more. We draft contracts you need and review contracts offered to you by other business entities. We negotiate contracts and specific contract terms when necessary.

Business litigation: In addition to business torts, other business litigation may arise. Some examples include breach of contract issues, whether you believe someone breached a contract with you or you are being accused of breaching a contract with another. There may be allegations of discrimination or harassment for which you need a defense. Employer/employee conflicts may need resolution. Unresolved partnership disputes may lead to litigation. An employee or former employee may reveal trade secrets. The list can go on and on.

Partnership disputes: No matter how carefully partnership agreements are crafted, there may come a time when disputes arise. Partners may just not like working together like they thought they would. There may be disagreements about future goals. One may want to wind down the business, and other partners want to expand. There is almost no limit to the types of disputes that can arise. We work with our clients to resolve these disputes in the fastest and most cost-effective way with the goal of avoiding litigation whenever possible.

Commercial collections: Legally collect the debts owed to your business.

Forming, Dissolving, Buying and Selling Businesses

Business purchase and sale: Whether you own a business and want to sell it or are in the market for purchasing a business, we can help. We prepare all documents for you to be sure all legal matters, including title searches, are covered in order to avoid future litigation.

Business formation: How you structure your business will depend on your own personal circumstances, your goals for your business, tax implications, and other criteria depending on the type and nature of your business. Whether you decide on a sole proprietorship, type of partnership, or corporation, we take the stress off your shoulders by handling the preparation of all necessary documents and filings so you are in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

Business dissolution: There may come a time when a decision is made to close the business. There is more to this than just hanging a “No longer in business” sign on the door. Each business structure has its own rules and regulations relevant to dissolution. If proper procedures are not followed and proper documentation is not provided to the relevant governing bodies, your business could find itself with tax liabilities, fines, and future litigation concerning the business or personal torts that occurred during the operation of the business.

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At Lerner & Weiss APC, we take care of all the legal aspects of operating your business so you can concentrate on the day-to-day reality of actually running your business and generating income without worries. For any business need, consider us as your in-house business lawyer. Call us or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.