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If you’re an employer who has been accused of sexual harassment and want to understand how to defend your actions, you need to hire a strategic California employment law attorney immediately for guidance. At Lerner & Weiss, we are committed to offering skilled representation and experienced legal counsel to employers in their workplace sexual harassment cases. Our attorneys can evaluate every detail of your unique situation and craft a solid defense to help fight the allegations.  

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Overview of Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment is a general term that is used for unwelcomed conduct, actions, or behavior of a sexual nature. This may include making improper sexual remarks, asking for sexual favors, making inappropriate jokes, unwelcome touching, and unwelcome sexual advances. 

Examples of Sexual Harassment 

Here are some common examples of actions that might be considered sexual harassment at the workplace: 

  • Making sexual comments regarding an employee’s gender identity or sexual orientation 
  • Asking questions about an employee’s sexual life 
  • Making sexual remarks about an employee’s outfit, body, or appearance 
  • Flirting with a worker 
  • Sharing videos and pictures that are sexually inappropriate with an employee, such as porn or nude photos 
  • Making improper sexual gestures 
  • Telling sexually offensive jokes to an employee 

The alleged victim (employee) may be eligible to file a complaint against an employer who engages in any of the aforementioned acts. 

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Who Can Be a Harasser?  

In a workplace sexual harassment case, any of these persons may be a harasser: 

  • Employer 
  • Non-Employee 
  • Agent of the Employer 
  • Supervisor 
  • Coworker 

A lawyer can evaluate the accusations against you, educate you about some sexual harassment laws, and strategize an effective approach to uphold your rights. 

Employer Liability 

California employment laws state that an employer is automatically liable for the following: 

  • Sexual harassment committed by an employee in a supervisory role 
  • Sexual harassment committed by an employee in a non-supervisory role if the employer knew or should have known about it but failed to take immediate action 

As an employer, it is your duty to carry out a prompt and fair investigation upon receiving a workplace sexual harassment complaint. You should hire a skilled attorney immediately to help protect your rights and avoid taking any action that may be considered workplace retaliation. 

Retaliation Prohibited 

It’s important to note that California law prohibits employers from taking any adverse action against an employee who filed a workplace sexual discrimination or harassment complaint. Filing such a complaint isn’t a justifiable reason to demote, threaten, reassign, or fire the alleged employee. 

Work With a Seasoned Employment Law Attorney 

Allegations of sexual harassment at work could jeopardize an employer’s professional, personal, and public reputation. If you are facing workplace sexual harassment accusations, retaining a seasoned California employer defense attorney is imperative. 

At Lerner & Weiss, our attorneys have the resources to guide and represent employers wrongfully accused of workplace sexual harassment. As your legal counsel, we can assess all of the facts of your situation and craft an effective strategy to help you move forward.  

Sexual Harassment Attorneys Serving Los Angeles, California  

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