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Helping Employers Adapt and Address Employment Law Matters, Disputes and Litigation

The skilled and knowledgeable team of attorneys at Lerner & Weiss APC use more than 60 combined years of experience to guide our clients through every stage of an employment law case, reviewing the allegations and client business practices, helping quantify the risk, developing creative strategies, and examining the business ramifications. We make sure employers fully understand their rights before addressing contentious employment law issues to ensure we are securing outcomes that protect their best interests as well as their bottom line.

We have had success resolving a wide range of employment law matters on behalf of a growing number of employers in California. Our extensive experience allows us to address matters such as:

Wage and Hour Theft Allegations and Disputes

The pay practices of employers in every industry are under attack and disputes over wage and hour practices can threaten the very existence of companies targeted by them. The plaintiffs’ bar has grown increasingly aggressive at bringing these disputes. We help employers effectively defend themselves against false or fraudulent claims as well as amicably resolve legitimate claims using cost-effective tactics.

Employment Document Preparation

Although there can never be a guarantee that an employee won’t file a lawsuit, we believe that carefully prepared contracts certainly minimize the risk. We also recognize that each business is unique, and we work to be sure your contracts reflect your specific needs regarding your employees.

Lerner & Weiss assists clients with developing Employee Policy and Procedure Handbooks, Employment Training Manuals, Employment Contracts, Termination and Severance Agreements, Compensation Agreements, and other agreements necessary to keep the client in compliance with Local, State, and Federal law.

Employer Defense in State and Federal Violations Cases

The benefits of owning your own business come with the almost unavoidable risk of being sued by an unhappy or disgruntled employee. At Lerner & Weiss APC, we engage in vigorous employer defense when litigation arises. Whether allegations are for violations of state or federal laws and regulations, we know what to do.

We minimize any disruption of your business by taking the pressure off of you as much as possible while protecting your rights during the litigation process. From pretrial investigations, informal resolutions, negotiations and administrative hearings to defending you in the courtroom, at Lerner & Weiss APC, we have the experience you will need and want to have standing by your side.

Avoiding potentially ruinous claims is at least as important as winning them. To that end, we help clients audit their own wage and hour practices to develop policies and practices that will stand up to court or agency scrutiny.

Employer Defense in Employment Litigation Cases

We have litigated cases successfully with respect to complaints alleging wrongful discharge; breach of employment contract; misclassification of individuals as independent contractors; theft of trade secrets; breach of confidentiality and non-compete agreements; workplace violence; negligent hiring and retention; discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, compensation and benefits; and virtually any other matter relating to the relationship between employers and their applicants, employees, and former employees. We also have extensive experience successfully litigating cases of libel, slander, defamation, assault and battery, false arrest, and any other issue that arises out of or relates to the employment relationship.

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