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The benefits of owning your own business come with the almost unavoidable risk of being sued by an unhappy or disgruntled employee. At Lerner & Weiss, when litigation arises, we engage in vigorous employer defense. Whether allegations are for violations of state or federal laws and regulations, we know what to do.

We minimize any disruption of your business by taking the pressure off of you as much as possible while protecting your rights during the litigation process. From pretrial investigations, informal resolutions, negotiations and administrative hearings to defending you in the courtroom, at Lerner & Weiss, we have the experience you will need and want to have standing by your side.

Full-Service Employer Defense Law Firm

There is no employer defense issue too small or too large for us to handle. Some of the most common allegations that employers are forced to defend include:

Wage & Hour Disputes. California and the federal government have laws concerning minimum wage, overtime pay, vacation days and even time required for meal breaks, depending on how many hours an employee works.

Discrimination Allegations. At Lerner & Weiss, we defend employers when they are charged with discrimination in violation of federal or state law. To sustain a claim, an employee must prove that an employer took some “adverse action” due to the employee’s membership in a protected class.

Harassment allegations. Harassment allegations generally arise from claims of sexual harassment. Employers can be sued for sexual harassment even when it is another employee is the one accused of harassment, not the employer. This is a complicated area of the law for which you, as an employer, need the assistant of our experienced workplace harassment attorneys.

Wrongful Termination. Although California is an “at-will” state, which means employees can be terminated without an employer needing to give a reason, there are still certain classes of employees who may bring a wrongful termination claim. They may bring a lawsuit against you alleging discrimination or retaliation for the employee’s whistle-blowing activity. The burden is on the employee to prove the termination was wrongful, and we vigorously defend you from the wrongful termination action.

Unfair Labor Practices. An employee may report you to a regulatory board claiming you engaged in unfair labor practices. Our employment lawyers will vigorously defend you in any administrative hearing or court process involving litigation.

Workers’ Compensation. Contact us when an employee files a workers’ compensation claim. We defend when appropriate. We also determine if a subrogation claim is warranted and pursue all employer remedies.

Whistleblowers. Employees sometimes report their suspicion that their employer has not complied with a state or federal regulation. When they do this, they are regarded as “whistleblowers” and the law protects them from retaliation form their employers, which means any adverse action taken against the employee based on the reporting. There may be legitimate reasons to terminate the employment of a “whistleblower” which are unrelated to the whistle-blowing. But, before you take any action, consult with our employment lawyers at Lerner & Weiss. We will work with you to be sure any action is done within the confines of the law so it will not be considered retaliation.

Breach of Employment Contracts. When an employee alleges that an employer has breached an employment contract, we carefully review the terms of the contract and defend against unwarranted allegations. This may involve negotiation, mediation, arbitration and settlement. If going to trial is in your best interest, we have a track record of success in the courtroom.

Contact our skilled employer defense attorneys at Lerner & Weiss at the first indication you have that an employee is unhappy and may be contemplating litigation. We strive to resolve issues amicably. When that is not possible, we have a track record of courtroom success when fighting for our employer clients.

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