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Extraordinary success recovering for insurance carriers

At Lerner & Weiss, our insurance law attorneys have experience successfully recovering payments made by our insurance carrier clients to their insured’s for damage caused by third parties, including losses caused by fire, water, electrical, construction and auto-related events.

As subrogation cases often require both skilled legal and detective work, Lerner & Weiss has access to a network of experts who collect evidence as to the cause and origin of the underlying incident. This allows the insurance attorneys at Lerner & Weiss to make a full and complete determination as to who is liable for the damages suffered by its client and on what legal theories.

This leads to extraordinary success enjoyed by clients of Lerner & Weiss in recovering money paid out for claims from the responsible third-parties.

California Insurance Law Firm Experienced in Subrogation

At Lerner & Weiss, we understand that insurers need to limit their losses by exercising their rights to subrogation. Additionally, due to the way insurance carriers structure their businesses, a prompt resolution of these matters is essential.

In some cases, a favorable resolution may be achieved fairly easily. For example, after a car accident, where a health or auto insurer pays benefits to the insured. When a settlement is paid to the victim by the negligent driver, the health insurer will be entitled to reimbursement of the benefits it paid.

On the other hand, reaching a favorable resolution may be more difficult in a workers’ compensation case, where a worker is injured when a negligently manufactured aerosol can explodes. In this case, collecting from the product manufacturer will generally require more investigation to prove which entity was responsible for the loss.

Our insurance attorneys know how to find the evidence needed to get the responsible party to pay for the loss, regardless of the complexity of the case.

How Our Subrogation Work Helps the Insured

When insureds hear the word “subrogation,” they often do not understand the meaning. They think they will lose money to which they would otherwise be entitled. Since subrogation claims require the cooperation of insureds and their attorneys, it is important for them to know how the process works.

We help them understand that when the insurer pays them money for their loss even though another party was responsible, it is as though the insurer is advancing money to the insured. When the responsible party is required to pay for the loss, the insurer will be reimbursed for the advance payments.

Subrogation actions do not take anything away from the total amount to which the insured is entitled, but only prevents a double recovery: one from the insurance company and a second one from the person responsible for the loss. At times, the subrogation action may result in the return of the deductible to the insured which the insured may have been required to pay.

We endeavor to work with personal injury attorneys in the investigative process. Due to our high volume of cases, we often have easier access to reports and other relevant evidence that may be important to the underlying case.

Pay Only if You Recover

At Lerner & Weiss, our insurance lawyers handle subrogation, premium collection and many other types of cases on primarily a contingency fee basis. Depending on the amount of money at issue, we will work with you to establish our fee based on a percentage of the money we are able to collect. If we do not win your case and collect your funds, you will pay no legal fees.

Such a relationship places Lerner & Weiss and the client on the same team in seeking a successful outcome.

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