Hustler of the Week: Attorney Landon Lerner

San Diego attorney Landon Lerner was recently interviewed by Adulting For Beginners for their Hustler of the Week series, which highlights talented young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Below is a full transcript of the interview, which covers Landon’s struggles, success and advice for young adults just starting out. You can also check out the original interview on the Adulting for Beginners website.

AFB: Hey Landon! Thanks for your time today. Tell us about Lerner & Weiss. What inspired you to go in the direction of opening your own law firm?

Landon: Lerner & Weiss is a full service firm that my father started a little over 35 years ago. We do everything from counseling start-ups and small businesses to representing Fortune 100 companies. After going the big-law route for 7 years, I decided it was time to join forces with my father, so I opened the San Diego location of our firm.

AFB: That is awesome. I imagine it must have required a very disciplined focus to accomplish that. What were some of the first steps you took in opening a new location?

Landon: The most important thing to our firm is our clients. Acquiring new clients in the San Diego area while simultaneously serving our existing client base has been priority #1.

I network constantly to bring clients in, and I spend the rest of my time working with our existing clients. With a practice spanning all of California and nationally, we work very hard to ensure seamless integration between our locations.

AFB: What are some of your core values when working with your clients?

Landon: Honesty. Trust. Experience. We take pride in providing real value to our clients through our services rather than simply billing for generic advice. We look at our clients as our business partners. When our clients succeed, we do as well.

Personally, I don’t take my career for granted. I’ve had plenty of rejection prior to this and it’s
shaped who lam and how I approach my cases. I’ve applied to, and was rejected by, every single large firm in Los Angeles with one exception. I interviewed, got the job, and became one of the top producing associates.

After that, I was recruited by one of the largest, most prestigious firms in the world, which had previously rejected my application for a job three times beforehand. All of the sudden, they were knocking down my door to join a team handling a $500 million high stakes trial. The perseverance to achieve my goals even in the face of rejection from hundreds of firms early in my career is what has made me the lawyer I am today.

AFB: What advice do you have for anyone looking to start their own business?

Landon: My advice is be respectful above all else. You have one reputation and things can escalate quickly in this business. I always remember that I’m out there representing my clients; so the way I conduct myself reflects on them, in addition to myself and my firm.

Be confident. If you’re good; then never forget that and act accordingly. You’ll attract the right kind of people in your business that way. Don’t be afraid of rejection. It might make you stronger. It did for me.

AFB: That shows some serious character in who you are and what you represent That makes you an excellent attorney and friend. I wouldn’t ask for better qualities. Thank you for sharing your story and providing raw and honest advice. Where can we find out more about Lerner & Weiss?

Landon: Thank you! For more information about our practice and our attorneys, you can visit: and check out our Facebook page:

AFB: Thank you Landon!