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Employment contracts are key to the smooth-running of any business. When carefully drafted, negotiated or reviewed, they can prevent business disruptions and costly litigation. At Lerner & Weiss, we bring our years of experience and expertise to the employment contract drafting table.

Although there can never be a guarantee that an employee won’t file a lawsuit, we believe that carefully prepared contracts certainly minimize the risk. We also recognize that each business is unique, and we work to be sure your contracts reflect your specific needs regarding your employees. When changes in the law occur, we keep you informed so that we can update and revise your contracts.

Overview of our Employment Contract Services

  • Drafting contracts for all employment situations.
  • Reviewing contracts presented to you by the employee..
  • Negotiating terms when necessary.
  • Writing contract terms and provisions for ease of employee understanding.
  • Explaining enforceability under California or federal law.

Common Employment Agreements & Provisions

Whatever your contract needs are, we can accommodate you. Some of the most common employer/employee contracts include:

Employee policy and procedure handbooks. An employee handbook that clearly defines the duties and obligations of the employer and employee should leave no doubt of what the expectations are of each party. The handbook should be written clearly so there are no ambiguities. It should be comprehensive so that all foreseeable eventualities are covered. This includes information about privacy rights concerning use of the business computers for internet access, email and other areas of concern. Also, your policy on how disputes are handled and how employees are to respond to and report sexual harassment claims should be included.

Employment training manuals. Properly crafted training manuals individualized to the specific tasks required of your employees go a long way in preventing future litigation or costly errors that may occur if employees are unaware of what you expect them to know or how you expect them to perform. The manual should be specific to your business and inform employees of how to do their job. It should contain everything from how to answer the phone and greet clients to how to operate machinery.

Noncompete clauses. California law frowns on noncompete clauses and a new law went into effect on January 1, 2017, concerning such agreements. It is imperative that you have experienced attorneys, like those at Lerner & Weiss, to review and prepare any noncompete clause. Different laws apply to those crafted before the new law went into effect.

Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements. Depending on the nature of your business, you may have trade secrets you need to protect. You do not want employees revealing any proprietary information. This includes financial information about your business, any new developments underway and prevents employees from taking a client list with them when they leave your employment.

Severance agreements. A severance agreement is one where an employee agrees to accept a certain amount of money in exchange for abandoning claims against an employer. The agreement must be carefully crafted. Under California law, some claims cannot be waived. Our severance agreement lawyers at Lerner & Weiss draft severance agreements designed to protect you from future litigation.

Executive compensation agreements. Executive compensation practices generally include more than just an annual salary. They may also include stock options, deferred compensation plans and Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPS). All forms of compensation must be clearly defined in a written contract.

At Lerner & Weiss, we recognize the need to individualize each employment contract to cover exactly the terms you require. Our goal is to help your business run smoothly and to avoid future litigation. Contact our employment law attorneys for more information.

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