Construction Contracts

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Construction Contracts

Tightly drafted contracts are what make construction projects run. They identify the participants in the project, what their tasks are and how much and when they will get paid. Construction contracts, taken together, act essentially as an instruction manual for the project. If properly prepared, they are the guiding foundation for how all the pieces come together to create a final project.

Contract Preparation

At Lerner & Weiss, our construction attorneys have experience preparing the necessary construction contracts for any project. If you are the contractor, we are your go-to firm for drafting an air-tight contract for your dealings with the owner, subcontractors and material suppliers.

If you are a subcontractor, we look out for your interests. Our experience working with contractors helps us know what important terms you need to include in your contract. Whatever contract needs you have, if you are in the construction business, we are here to help.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations are the bedrock to contract formation. At Lerner & Weiss, we are cognizant of all the eventualities that can occur during the performance of a construction project. With those in mind, we negotiate contracts on behalf of our clients that include how contingencies and other construction disputes will be handled.

Whether you are a general contractor, subcontractor or material supplier, we negotiate in a way that puts you in a strong position so that you know what is expected of you, when you will get paid for your work and what the procedure will be if any changes occur as the project proceeds.

Contract Review

Often, if you are a contractor, subcontractor or materials supplier, you will be presented with a contract and asked to sign it. Bring any and all documents to us at Lerner & Weiss before you sign them. Poorly written contracts sometimes seem to us like the standard in the industry.

We easily spot clauses that may affect what tasks you are expected to perform and your ultimate pay for a project. We will point out to you terms that are not in your best interest. We can then work to negotiate for you better terms. Some construction projects may work better with different terms than others. Our contract review is done only with your best interest in mind and to effectuate for you a contract that works for you.

Construction Bid Process

The bidding process begins with the owner, architect or general contractor announcing their project and intent to entertain bids. Sometime, projects are awarded to the lowest bidder. On the other hand, project coordinators are drawn not just to the lowest bidder, but to the overall qualifications of the contractor who is presenting the bid.

At Lerner & Weiss, we bring our combined 60 years of experience to the proverbial bidding table to be sure your bid includes all the information an experienced owner, architect or contractor looks for. We know what is required legally so that your bid meets all expectations. If you are a contractor or owner evaluating bids, we assist you with identifying pitfalls that could become problematic in the future should the construction project end up in litigation.

Our construction law attorneys at Lerner & Weiss are dedicated to dealing with the difficult contract issues facing you and making sure you can focus your attention on your business while we work to be sure contracts you enter into are in your best interest.